Meet the Owner

My name is Megan and this is my family! I am the new owner of the former, Cafe De Noir. I was born and raised in Brookline and have also raised my family here. I have an amazing husband, Carlos, two beautiful daughters, Erika and Carissa and my perfect granddaughter, Rhya. You’ll be seeing our faces quite a bit around the shop! I know a lot about the neighborhood and enjoy living here.
I want to bring fun and love into my new coffee shop which includes bringing open mic, acoustic music, paint nights and trivia nights! Also I would like to add some small food plates into the shop such as paninis and sandwiches.
Many of you have seen Zana if you’ve visited the coffee shop recently. Zana has been working here for a while now and we are happy that she will be here working with us!

We will be updating, refreshing and giving the shop a little TLC within the next month or so. Thank you all so much for accepting us into the community and having patience with us in our transition into our new roles!54391FF9-

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